Monday, February 04, 2013

Did Fire Works Start Crestline School Fire in Vancouver? Remarkable Photos by Q Madp

Children were seen playing with fire works just hours before fire destroyed the Crestline Elementary in Vancouver. Children have the day off today at the school on S.E. Seventh St. in the Fircrest neighborhood in Vancouver, but as for the Principal and district officials, their work is just beginning. They must now find another school to accommodate the 500 students displaced by a raging fire that destroyed their school early Sunday morning. 

How bad was the fire? Look at these photos by Q Madp.

From The Columbian:
Sunday’s fire is believed to be the first catastrophic loss of a school in Evergreen Public Schools’ 67-year history.Third-grade teacher Audrey Christina lives on Southeast 130th Court, just three houses from the school. “Between 8 and 9 (Saturday night), I’m sitting at my computer and heard what I thought were gunshots. … I walked to the end of my street and realized it was fireworks. I couldn’t identify the kids; it looked like there were three or four. I just turned around and walked home.”She said another time, about two years ago, she complained to police about fireworks and got no response. So on Saturday night, “I didn’t bother to call.” [emph mine]

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