Monday, February 04, 2013

The Man Who Stopped The Clackamas Town Center Shooter On The Victoria Taft Show Today

No one can say for certain what caused the turd to bring an AR 15 to gun down people at Clackamas Town Center, but it's pretty clear that his decision to hasten his own death was caused by a man who had a gun pointed at him signaling the killing spree was over. The gunman ran and the next shot heard among Christmas shoppers and horrified onlookers was the one he used to kill himself.

Now Nick Meli, the man with the Glock 22 who drew down on the shooter but didn't take a shot, is talking about the incident. It's taken him two months to be able to talk about the day that changed his--and many others' lives. He's scheduled to come on the show today. Be listening at 1pm.

Cindy Yuille
Steven Forsyth
Despite the Clackamas County Sheriffs Department's amazing response to the active shooter, officials still have not released the 911 phone calls, investigation details on motive and detailed information about the incident. That silence has gone on too long. It's time to open up and let all of know what happened that day.

Pictured: Victims of the shooter, Cindy Yuille and Steven Forsyth. May they and their families be at peace.

A compressed version of the police frequency during shooting.
Nick Meli explains why he didn't take the shot.
Why no media coverage of hero?
People ignore signs designating mall as gun free zone.
Anonymous tries to claim it foreshadowed shooting.

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