Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tim Eyman: Will Judge Erase Your Rights? Keep Fighting!

From Washington State Initiative King Tim Eyman following today's court hearing in Cowlitz County:

To:  75 Plaintiffs in Patella v Kimsey
From:  Tim Eyman, advisor to Vancouver's Stop Light Rail Initiative
Cc:  Citizens in Clark County, Vancouver's Mayor and City Council, Clark County's Board of Commissioners, House and Senate members & Governor, and members of the media
RE:  The court battle is gonna take a little longer
        Today, we all traveled to Cowlitz County Court to ask the judge to order that your signatures be counted.  I can report that he seemed inclined to do exactly that.  Nonetheless, after listening to both sides, he ordered the attorneys (Stephen Pidgeon for the petition signers and Lori Volkmann for Auditor Greg Kimsey) to provide some additional briefing and argument.  He scheduled a new hearing for March 27th. 
        We had been moving lightning fast on this case.  We filed our lawsuit on February 11th and asked for the court's decision 9 days later.  That kind of speedy justice is extremely rare.  But there was no reason to drag things out.  This unfair 'dupe' law is either unconstitutional or it's not. 
        And there's no doubt that 606 Vancouver voters were totally disenfranchised by this grossly unfair law.  For decades, when petition signers inadvertently signed a petition more than once, one of their signatures was counted and the extra ones were not.  But in this case, 606 Vancouver citizens -- all active, qualified, registered voters -- had none of their signatures counted.  These are good people in good standing and they had their rights taken away.  Only this judge can remedy that injustice, and that depends on the efforts of our attorney Stephen Pidgeon. 
        Steve will be working hard over the next several weeks on legal briefs.  His experience and expertise will be invaluable.  We're gonna get there, it's just gonna take a little longer.  And some additional "lawyering."  

        Please help.  Mail donation checks to:  Legal Defense for Stop Light Rail Initiative (Stephen Pidgeon), c/o Debbie Peterson, PO Box 872204, Vancouver, WA 98687

        I'll continue to do the best I can to keep you updated.  

Sincerely, Tim Eyman, advisor to Vancouver's Stop Light Rail Initiative,

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