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Monday, February 27, 2012 Asks, "Have You Ever Been In Her Shoes?"

Far left asks, "Have you ever been in her shoes? Watch:"

I'm not a huge fan of Mitt Romney, so this is not in support of or an endorsement, but yes, as a matter of fact I have been in her shoes. After 20 years at a Chrysler dealer and at age 61, I found myself unemployed in an area with 15% unemployment when the White House helped compile of a list of 789 Chrysler dealers to have their franchises yanked, including some very profitable ones.

Should I feel pleased this young lady feels so good about saving her butt on the backs of taxpayers while hundreds of thousands of the rest of us were thrown out of work?

Maybe she needs to look at the real world.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Obamanomics: Unemployment "Worse" Than Great Depression

From CBS news, no less. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut ever once in awhile. Here.
And, as Andy from Beaverton shows us, you can see the numbers here:

2,320,000 less people are employed today than when Obama took office (numbers in millions)

Civilian labor force ....| 153,716|     (1) 
  Employment ............| 142,099|     (1) 
  Unemployment ..........|  11,616|     (1) 
Not in labor force ......|  81,023|     (1) 

June 2011

Civilian labor force ....| 153,693|     (1) 
  Employment ............| 139,779|     (1) 
  Unemployment ..........|  13,914|     (1) 
Not in labor force ......| 
 85,620|     (1) 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Washington Ecology Dept Joins Enviros in Suing to Stop Coal Depot in Longview. But There's More!

I don't have a lot of time to spend on this except to say that it raised my eyebrows a little when I saw this story here that the Washington State Department of Ecology is suing to stop a coal depot in Longview, joining the rest of the far left enviro groups in opposing it. 
Are they mining for coal around Cowlitz County? No. Are they polluting the Columbia with coal in Cowlitz County? No. 
The Dept of Ecology wants to know the environmental impact on WHERE. THE. COAL. IS. GOING. 
And where is this coal, mined in Wyoming and Montana, going?

Obamavilles Continue to Pop Up All Over the Country

I came across this while researching. If George Bush was President this would be front page news. And, yes, I know it's "Sacramento" but didn't label this video.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Our Kids' Recession: Oregon Teen Jobless Rate 5th Highest in Nation

From the Portland Biz Journal here.

Teen summer job growth in both May and June combined is 503,000, a 38 percent drop from the same two months last year.
This is another argument against "ObamaCare" and Cap and Tax which would make hiring new workers too expensive for most but out of site for kids with no experience.
This is an argument FOR a training wage. This is an argument FOR reducing Oregon's high minimum wage to make it easier to hire people.
This is an argument FOR cracking down on illegal aliens who take the jobs requiring the least training that used to go for teens.
Instead of staying home and sitting in front of a gaming screen and getting fat on soon to be illegal fatty food, how about a job for these kids who need to learn some of life's lessons?
Here's more bad news:
In mid-June the Employment Policies Institute estimated that the average unemployment rate for teens in Oregon was 33.1 percent as of April — the fifth highest in the country.
“This could end up being the worst teen summer job market in employment records going back to 1948,” said chief executive John Challenger. “With data now suggesting that consumers are pulling back on spending, it is unlikely that a late hiring surge will salvage the dismal summer job situation for the nation’s youngest workers.”

But what will the Obamnunists do? Run up the tab for a "new" "improved" program to pay teens to "volunteer" in some make work job.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Tale of the Tape: "Jobless" Recovery Not True in Public Sector

H/T Bojack via SCT
If consumer spending is required to bring us out of our current economic depression, then why are the democrats putting a drag on the economy through more taxes on small-businesses-and-individuals-and-capital-gains-and-dividends-and-energy-and-health-care-and-more-spending-which-requires-more-debt-service-which-requires-more-spending-and-higher-taxes?
The net result is these folks don't have disposable income to help bring back the economy.
Look at this graph (here). See how private sector hiring has gone waaaaaay down since Q-4 '07 but public hiring has gone up? Private employers have shed about 290,000 jobs in Oregon, but the public sector continues hiring! Government, however, has increased by approximately 21,000 jobs. And, hey, all you unemployed, underemployed folks, you get to pay for them!
They can't all be welfare workers, friends.
This is the macro look at how the democrats do it: create more public sector, union member jobs and pay their friends back by giving them jobs. Margaret Carter and Larry Galizio ring a bell?
Good job, Brownie er, I mean, Teddy and BHO!