Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pete the Banker: Obama Shoots Down Blue Angels and Other Sequestration Stories

I am tired of Congress being blamed in the Press for every Washington, DC transgression. I've heard nothing but blame cast at Congress for the alleged disaster awaiting us on the upcoming sequestration cuts, especially those directly impacting Portland’s Rose Festival like the pending elimination of the US Fleet visit and Blue Angels air show. 

NRA to Obama & Democrats: You "Don't Make Us Free.'

H/T Gateway Pundit
“The arrogance of their superiority requires this reminder: They don’t rule us. They don’t give us rights. We grant them power. They don’t make us safe. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tim Eyman: Will Judge Erase Your Rights? Keep Fighting!

From Washington State Initiative King Tim Eyman following today's court hearing in Cowlitz County:

To:  75 Plaintiffs in Patella v Kimsey
From:  Tim Eyman, advisor to Vancouver's Stop Light Rail Initiative
Cc:  Citizens in Clark County, Vancouver's Mayor and City Council, Clark County's Board of Commissioners, House and Senate members & Governor, and members of the media
RE:  The court battle is gonna take a little longer
        Today, we all traveled to Cowlitz County Court to ask the judge to order that your signatures be counted.  I can report that he seemed inclined to do exactly that.  Nonetheless, after listening to both sides, he ordered the attorneys (Stephen Pidgeon for the petition signers and Lori Volkmann for Auditor Greg Kimsey) to provide some additional briefing and argument.  He scheduled a new hearing for March 27th. 
        We had been moving lightning fast on this case.  We filed our lawsuit on February 11th and asked for the court's decision 9 days later.  That kind of speedy justice is extremely rare.  But there was no reason to drag things out.  This unfair 'dupe' law is either unconstitutional or it's not. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good News: Vancouver Has An Identity Besides Being Portland's Shoe Doggie

According to the Columbian this map (unenhanced) is making the rounds on facebook.
H/T @ATCarey93 on Twitter!

Dear WWE: Are You Out of Your WWMind?

WWE character Jack Swagger (yeah, me neither) has now recreated himself as a  "Tea Party" character.  The new "Jack Swagger" was reintroduced to WWE Raw last night.

He talks about the Constitution, waves a Gadsden flag, lauds the Declaration of Independence and, as an added bonus, he and his corner man have decided to frame their upcoming Wrestlemania fight in racist terms. Isn't that nice. 

Real Tea Party folks have begun a barrage of complaints to the McMahon family--REPUBLICANS--to knock it off. Apparently this is one way the GOP will attempt to marginalize the Tea Party.
The following video has part of their schtick. For the real offensive part, click on the link above.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bruce McCain: Cameron Jordan, Catfish Queen. The Alvey Files, Part 5: Lessons Learned

In January we learned of the Facebook “catfishing” scam that had hooked Notre Dame star linebacker Manti’ Te’o into believing his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, whom he had never met, had tragically died. 

We later learned that Kekua was actually a fake hoax, perpetrated by a man named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. Many skeptics wondered how could Te’o possibly be fooled by a man impersonating such a talented and attractive young female. Then we met Roger Darnell Alvey. 

As we showed in the first four parts of The Alvey Files here, here, here and here, Roger Alvey was the mastermind behind the internet fraud known by various names of Cameron Elizabeth Jordan, Elizabeth Swindells, Elizabeth Jordan and CJwetsthebed (“CEJ”). Ever defiant to the end, Alvey ultimately signed his court admissions acknowledging what many have believed the past three years. Specifically, Alvey 
admitted, among other things, that:

Raising Minimum Wage Will Keep Your Failure to Launch Kids in the Basement Much Longer

Source: American Enterprise Institute
I just heard a supposedly respected voice for business make the most ignorant comment about minimum wage. Indeed he endorsed the President's call for a $9.00/hr min wage saying that the current minimum wage wasn't enough to 'sustain a family.' The comment was made with an incredulous gosh-I-can't-believe-anyone-would-be-against-such-a-great-idea kind of voice. But he's the same person who said the government should make fast food restaurants "illegal" so I don't know why I'm surprised.

Dude, the minimum wage was never meant to 'sustain a family.' It's a starter wage for inexperienced souls who need some skills, and who will, in a few short months, be making MORE than the minimum wage. Most of those inexperienced souls are...your kids. 

At a time when the President claims he's trying to "create jobs" the laws and supply and demand dictate that making something more expensive decreases the demand. Does he think he can sign an executive order and repeal the law of supply and demand too? You think the youngins have